Hack Mobile phone

The mobile phone is your handheld computer, but above all your daily tracker. You read your mail, your messages, your videos and photos, your real-time geolocation. … A concentrate of your life where safety is not to be neglected.

There are very powerful tools to interfere in your privacy without your knowledge.


The IMSI Catcher

This is approximately a false BTS « mobile relay antenna » (Base Transceiver Station) acting between the mobile phone spied and relay antennas of the official real telephone operator.

A tool used by state intelligence services and by modern-day pirates having the financial means to use it. This is a case that can detect your phone ID, intercept your informations (messages, calls …) and make changes even before you receive them. With such a device, it is also possible to install a silencer program to host a virtual spy system on the physical hardware.

In that case, I propose a solution during a watch, to detect a IMSI Catcher in real time.


Spy Software

Spyware softwares are easy to find, at low cost, in downloading on the internet. Most phones are vulnerables, and an installation of a spyware takes between 1-4 minutes between the hands of a bad-meaning person. Once trapped it will be possible for the hacker to listen to your phone conversations, read your emails, get your messages, photos, videos, and locate you at any time… The entire contents of your mobile duplicated.

I can decode the memory and control all of your device to detect a malware hidding in it.


You lost your data?

I recover files after you have fogotten your opening password or I can recover your messages and other data deleted for several days to several months.