Counterespionnage advanced an custom solution. interference is a fight that is engaged in the daily business. Data theft can be lucrative, today we have the means to counter and detect it. TSCM (technical surveillance counter-measures)

Competitive watch is a reality, companies invest millions to get their way …to achieve their aims

Your Needs :

  • Electronic security operation and / or computer (OSE / Dusting).
  • You call a service provider, we can ensure the control in order to check the professionalism in the fields below
  • Provide these services with a team of professionals (state experience)
  • Ensure eve of last offensive devices available on the market.
    Sensitization of people to the risk of interference.
  • Security audit related to the field of data protection:
    • GSM
    • Radio spectrum, Wifi, Bluetooth
    • Online & Digital VoIp
    • Powerline
    • Infrared
    • Ultrasounds

Where are the limits of the watch ?

Materials: We have the best equipment able to analyze and detect offensive products as well:

To make the difference between legitimate and illegitimate.

Location: In the majority of countries according to detention regulations against-measuring devices. (Prior analysis before mission).

Privacy policy: We submit to professional secrecy.